mardi 21 avril 2009


We are in Sierra leone in 1995, exactly at Fonday Sankoh's time. The singular philosophy at this time was that, if unfortunetly you have been captured by your ennemies camp, you had to choose between dying or having your hands cut. A very bad choice at all, but no one was going to accept being killed, the second solution. That's why thousands of people are handless in Sierra leone nowadays. This boy is a typical example, at the place of his hands, he has now something like hands, hands of steel. It means that he will never use his genuine hands for any necessity. Mutilated for ever, he will never forgive his ennemies.
Photo: Reuters (amidou)

2 commentaires:

  1. Allo David, you are lost! what do you think about this boy's new hands? This is an historical sign of the war in Sierra leone.

  2. I guess I thought the film "Edward Scissorhands" was completely fictional. This is a horrible reality man. Have you seen that film? It's about ostracism because of a physical anomaly, and I think that's what this kid is going to feel his whole life..