lundi 13 avril 2009

CHILDREN'S FREEDOM: a natural right !!!!!

Freedom is one of human's right, so it's our duty to provide children this natural right. We have nowhere to hide it to them. All the mater is a question of good conscious. Their socities shouldn't be hells against them. Therfore, have a look on this beautifull picture, do you think that it is not normal to admire these inocent creatures playing on the ground? So wake up and write something down against children illtreaters all over the world. Tell them, for example, that they are wizards and that God is waiting for them. Children's freedom is not nogociable.

2 commentaires:

  1. David, were are you? Don't you think, through these children that life is very beautifull? Hein!

  2. sorry mate i was on holiday for quite a long time! yeah my cousins are always running around like this, it seems like a fundamental right that they should all have.