mercredi 8 avril 2009


LAURENT NKUNDA, rebels's leader in the frontier between Congo (RDC) and Rwanda.
He thought he was a god in his forest, but he has been arrested as a simple criminel. Now all that we're waiting for is his trial. I know that the time has come for him to prouve his inocence, if not we still consider him guilty against childhood in general in Africa. Beccause it has been prouved that he used hundred children, boys and girls, as soldiers, the first protectors of his land. But we hope through his futur trial, not to make grow up again another NKUNDA in Africa for ever.

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  1. In the jail? It was not his dream, he would like to get throug CONGO and colonize the Congoleses during the coming century!!!! but things fall apart...

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  3. so I guess his arrest is a good thing? but surely somebody will take his place... one of his followers? perhaps even one of the children that he has indoctrinated?

    be a bit careful with your spelling, mate:
    prouver --> to prove ("proven" is the past participle)
    criminel --> criminal
    beccause --> because
    futur --> future

    also, for "en prison", you don't need to say "the" --> "in prison" is fine.