dimanche 26 avril 2009

Peace and Love (a partial conclusion)

At this stage, I'm going to make a brake just to summarize all what I have said through this blog. Before everything I say that my happiness is so great to have my own blog and to express my feelings. It was a dream what David helped me to realise a thursday evening. Yes, before that day I got any ideas about a blog! But now I'm proud of what I was able to do here. For a beginning, my satisfaction is big, in any case. It was a great experience to have shared this moment with some formidable students, and to have been some times corrected by David. And finally, I recognize that my subject was important and that it interested everybody. Because the futur of children soldiers concerns the whole humanity. I also recognize that some of my images were shocking, but very often it necessary to ''hurt'' souls, so that things change. My philosophy is that we shouldn't continue to hide wounds of the world, otherwise they are never going to be cured!If life is not a simple game, don't let our children feed themseves with hatred before the beginning of their life, it always returns to a suicide! Thus, sensibilization has to continue, that is also why this blog must be maintained. I find it as a duty. Besides, I even dream to create another blog in french. But beyond the importance of the subject, I aimed the improvement of the level of my english. In that way a large progress has been realised, thus, I have no interest to stop here.
God is great, and He is also Peace and Love.
Thanks to everybody for all, and see you soon!.

2 commentaires:

  1. Thanks Amidou! Sorry I disappeared for a bit there, but you've made a lot of great posts and I have noticed a real improvement in your written expression.
    I'm very glad you've been enjoying this project and I've always enjoyed (well, not "enjoyed" - the subject is always very sad) hearing what you have to say, I feel I know more about the situation in these countries which I have never visited. And it's always important to inform people about things, even if they're not in an immediate position to make a change. Removing people's ignorance is the first step...

    Take care man!


  2. Thank You, David for your congratulations! Be sure that I will keep on...just a rest!